What are QR code courses?

QR-code courses on Oriento are a more fun way to use a permanent orienteering course. They allow people to simply scan a code at each control site rather than typing in a code.

We'd encourage all course owners to add Oriento QR codes to their site. We have designed a small range of metal plates which we can provide. These plates include an letter-code, a small piece of text about what the code is about and a unique code. If a non-Oriento user scans the code, they'll be directed to the page about your course on the Oriento website.

If you already have control plaques and don't wish to change them, we also have a QR-only design which just includes the QR code which will supplement any existing controls you have.


How do I add Oriento QR codes to my course(s)?

Just get in touch with us and we can discuss the details. We're very keen to get as many courses using this as possible so we will do whatever we can to help get the project moving.

I already have iOrienteering codes

That's fine - we can support iOrienteering QR codes within Oriento. We just need to know the value of the QR codes at each site. Please contact us if you'd like some help with doing this.