Starting a run with Oriento

Starting a new run is very quick and easy once you've installed the Oriento app.

  • Using the Browse Courses pages, find a course that you'd like to run and obtain a map for the course that you'd like to use.
  • Open up the Oriento application
  • Choose Start a run from the home screen
  • You'll be shown a list of locations with the nearest one at the top. Select the location you'd like to use.
  • You'll then be shown a list of courses. Some places have a number of courses you can choose from which vary in length or complexity. You can view details about each course by touching it and clicking the More info tab.
  • Navigate your way to the triangle symbol shown on the map. This is the start point. When you're ready to begin, press Start this course now. The timer will start you and you should head off to your first control point.
  • When you arrive at the control point, press Enter a control. Depending on the course, you'll either need to type in the code shown on the post or scan the QR code. The app will guide you through this.
  • Once you've entered the control, continue to next one.
  • When you've collected all the controls you can, head to the double circle (the finish point) on the map. When you arrive here, press the Finish this course button or scan the QR code on the finish post (if it has one).
  • Once finished, you can press the upload button to upload your results to Oriento and you'll then be able to view your split timings, your route as well as other interesting data about your run (like speed, pace & distance).

Saving a course for use later

You need to have a data connection to browse courses on the app however you don't need a one for actually running a course. If you're heading somewhere without signal, you can choose Store for use later on the course page in the app and you'll be able to get started later without a data connection.