BytheWay Field 4216

Leigh Common and neighbouring BytheWay Field provide a well used recreation facility for the people of Wimborne and Colehill. BytheWay Field is East Dorset's first Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space. SANGs are designed to offer a purpose-built outdoor recreation facility.

The following courses are available at BytheWay Field and you can complete any of them by downloading the Oriento app. The table may include an approximate length of the course plus the number of controls which you need to collect on your run. Click on a course to view the current leaderboard for the course.

Name Controls Runs Description & Rules
Beginners 19 3

With this course you can just collect as many controls as you can within 30 minutes. The more controls you get, the more points. Be careful though, if you take longer an hour you start to lose points.

  • Collect as many controls as possible.
  • Controls can be collected in any order.
  • You have 60 minutes to complete the course.
Pros 19 1

A course for pros - collect all the controls, in order, as fast as possible.

  • Collect all controls.
  • Controls must be collected in the order shown above.
  • There is no time limit for this course.