Thorncombe Wood 6995

Part of Hardy's Egdon Heath, here is a beautiful mixed woodland of oak, sweet chestnut and beech. It extends to Black Heath and Rushy Pond to the east and patches of hazel coppice in the south. Numerous swallet holes shape the terrain, and the area is crossed by the Roman Road that once ran from Dorchester to Badbury Rings.

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Leaderboard for Course 2 (medium)

Ranking Runner Club Total Time Points
1st Ben Braddick 00:16:30 n/a
2nd chloe 00:19:12 n/a
3rd phoebe 00:19:16 n/a
4th Daniel Green 00:24:11 n/a
5th Nat And Jacob 00:26:48 n/a
6th Pops 00:34:12 n/a
7th Anonymous Runner 00:38:36 n/a
8th alison griffin 00:42:16 n/a
9th Pat 00:43:07 n/a
10th Anonymous Runner 00:45:32 n/a
11th wendy 00:46:23 n/a
12th J Roo 00:46:26 n/a
13th Natalie 00:49:42 n/a
14th Susan F 00:51:47 n/a
15th Barry F 00:52:04 n/a
16th Anonymous Runner 00:52:08 n/a
17th Henry 00:53:50 n/a
18th Leo Ings 00:57:14 n/a
19th William 00:57:50 n/a
20th Hufflepuff 00:59:37 n/a
21st sarah Hodder 01:12:54 n/a
22nd Anonymous Runner 01:26:59 n/a
23rd Owen 01:35:06 n/a
n/a Slinkster22 00:23:14 DQ n/a
n/a Anonymous Runner 00:37:20 DQ n/a
n/a Anonymous Runner 00:38:22 DQ n/a
n/a fiona 01:12:27 DQ n/a