Gillingham 7420

An urban course in the small town of Gillingham. Starting at the Library/Town Museum near Waitrose with an accessible short course and a longer course with some controls off the beaten path.

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Leaderboard for Longer Course

Ranking Runner Club Total Time Points
1st dave otton 00:42:51 n/a
2nd Beverley Gallop 00:46:27 n/a
3rd Michael Gallop 00:47:17 n/a
4th David 00:50:40 n/a
5th Flo Burgess 00:51:56 n/a
6th PLT 00:54:18 n/a
7th Jo Gilfillan 00:54:34 n/a
8th Anonymous Runner 00:56:04 n/a
9th Keith Walters 01:00:54 n/a
10th Jo Lomas 01:01:55 n/a
11th Kath Outram 01:02:06 n/a
12th Anonymous Runner 01:10:37 n/a
13th Angela Siderfin 01:10:39 n/a
14th Thomas 01:14:13 n/a
15th Anonymous Runner 01:16:40 n/a
16th Anonymous Runner 01:34:02 n/a
n/a Tom 00:52:19 DQ n/a
n/a Rhonda Dearlove 00:52:48 DQ n/a
n/a Gillian Cross 00:52:55 DQ n/a